High Pressure Sapphire Reactors

High-pressure reactors that allow visual inspection of the internal volume are designed to study physical and chemical systems and their transformations when exposed to high pressures and temperatures.

Equipment of this type can be used both for simple observation of the system without monitoring macroscopic parameters, and for conducting processes at strictly defined temperature, pressure and volume. Thanks to the use of synthetic sapphire, the proposed system has excellent optical characteristics in a wide range of the spectrum and allows the processes to be conducted in fairly aggressive environments.

up to 50 ml
Operating volume
700 bar
Critical operating pressure
300 °С
Critical operating temperature
Corrosion Resistant Alloys
Shell materials
FKM, FFKM, PTFE, PEEK, металлы
Pressure and temperature sensors, optical sensors


PVT studies (with a defined ratio of pressure, temperature and volume);

Investigate how surface-active substances (surfactants) influence the multicomponent systems at high pressures and temperatures;

Phase equilibria research for one and multicomponent systems;

Carrying out filtration experiments;

Determination of interfacial tension in “liquid-gas" and “liquid-liquid" systems;

Studying the process of kerogen decomposition;

Investigate the formation of gas hydrates and the selection of hydrate formation inhibitors;

Working reactor example. Oil synthesis

Working reactor example. Oil synthesis

Key features

Excellent optical performance over a wide spectrum range

Can be operated at high pressure and high temperature (up to 300 ° C) simultaneously

Pressure, temperature and volume can be varied

Flow through mode can be integrated

Both lid and shell are made of stainless steel, titanium or Hastelloy

Necessary number of connecting ports will be integrated

Protection against exceeding the limit values of working pressure

Ease of assembly

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